Landscaping Services in Irvine, CA You Can Count On!

Whether you’re looking for a quick landscaping fix or a complete landscaping remodel, PG Builders & Landscape is the #1 choice. Our friendly customer service, efficient designs, and quick project completions have made us the go-to company for all landscaping services in Irvine, CA. We know you’re looking around for a landscaping company that can deliver what you have in mind within (or below) your budget. When shopping around be sure to get a quote from us! 

Unique Landscaping Designs

Irvine is a beautiful city with great communities and many new homes.


Often times, we help new homeowners design their landscaping. We’re well-known for transforming a backyard that was nothing but dirt to an enjoyable outdoor space.



When you get in touch with us, you can expect to work with an experienced designer who is open-minded and clearly understands your vision. Working closely with you helps us deliver a beautiful outdoor space that fits your personal needs and is within your construction and maintenance budget.


Finding A Landscaping Contractor Shouldn't Be Tough

Being transparent and honest with every client has built us a great reputation. However, we know that not all landscaping contractors are built the same.


To give you peace of mind we   focus on communicating every step with you and keeping you as involved as you feel comfortable while we work on your yard.


You’re in good hand! We’ve built a strong relationship with plenty of landscape designers, architects, and home builders. Being able to read plans and deliver exactly what you are looking for is our specialty. Whether you already have all the materials to build the landscaping or if you need us to supply it, you can expect good pricing and high-quality products.


How Do We Compare To Other Landscapers?

Do you remember that feeling of excitement you’d get right before Christmas morning?


We suppose that once you find your true calling you’re that excited to get up and get to business!


PG Builders & Landscape was founded by Pablo Gonzalez in 2016. Pablo has been in the landscape industry for over 10 years. It all started with helping dad mowing lawns on the weekends. After graduating UCI with a B.A. in Political Science, Pablo realized that his true passion was Landscaping.


“When it comes to any outdoor space, the possibilities are endless! I’ve always been passionate about transforming an outdoor space into something INCREDIBLE! As we continue to grow, I get to do what I love EVERY DAY! The end results and our customer’s feedback is what we live for! When you work with us expect jaw-dropping results, regardless of the size of the job.”



– Pablo, Founder
Landscaping Services in Irvine, CA


Our 3 Step Process To Start Transforming Your Outdoor Space

Step 1: Contact Us With Your Ideas

We’re always ready to hear what idea, photo, or video you have to give us an idea of what you’re looking for. 


Call, Text, or Send us a message to share your ideas. Over the phone we can sort of get an idea of what you’re looking for and schedule a time to go check out your space and to give you an accurate estimate of the cost and time we’ll need to get the job done!


Step 2: Consultation At Your Property

We’re super flexible and can meet with you at your property when you have time. Once we’re there we can discuss in more detail what you envision, plants, pavers, material, schedules, and budgets. 


If you already have a design you’d like us to work from, we can totally work off you (or your architects) plans. However, if you would like a 3D design of what your outdoor space would look like to be super sure it’s what you want, we can help!


Step 3: Our Team Starts The Landscape Installation

As soon as you’re ready to move forward with the project, our team gets to work!


During the project, whether it’s for one day or a week, our crew will be extremely clean and respectful of your property, pets, and guests.


Once the landscape installation is complete, our team cleans the area so that it’s beautiful and ready to use.


Finally, we’ll do a walkthrough with you, as well as suggest maintenance tips to keep your yard looking marvelous.